Michelle has always had a passion for health and happiness.

She started her career in the hospital operating theaters as an Anaesthetic Technician before pursuing fields that offered a more holistic approach to health. Where people were empowered to take ownership of their own well-being.

Michelle has studied Kinesiology and Reiki and now blends her formal training in Anatomy and Physiology with her deeper understanding of the emotional and spiritual body.

Michelle has been practicing Dru Yoga for the past fourteen years. It soon became apparent that the profound stillness she encountered was changing her life and in turn, the life of those around her. She followed a dream to share this “secret” with others. Michelle has completed a four year teaching diploma in Dru Yoga and a three year diploma in Dru Meditation. She believes the journey of self discovery is a life long adventure and continues to develop her skills with postgraduate studies and most recently, a qualification in Dru Dance.

Michelle has been leading yoga and relaxation classes for the past eight years and strives to help people release the stress of modern day living, giving them tools that they can take home to use everyday.