“How are your migraines going?”
“Very good! I haven’t had one for two months!”

I am always pleased when my clients get relief from their migraines – I know that migraines and headaches cause lots of suffering and can really limit people’s lives.

Acupuncture plays a big role when I am treating someone’s migraines or headaches. It is important to regulate the circulation of energy and blood to the head using points such as Feng Chi (风池) and Feng Fu (风附). Also it is vital for me to do body work on the shoulders, neck and upper back. This will include massage and cupping.

Every one is different and for some people distal acupuncture points are very effective for getting rid of headaches and migraines. These are points that are in the feet or hands. I often have success with points in the feet like Kun Lun (昆仑) and Tai Chong (太冲), or with points in the hands like He Gu (合谷) or Ling Gu (灵骨).

Chinese herbs such as Chuan Xiong (川芎), Dang Gui (当归) and Bai Zhi (白芷) can make a big difference for people who suffer from migraines or headaches from blood deficiency (Xue Xu). There are also may lifestyle factors that can have a big impact such as – the glasses you wear, the type of lighting you are exposed to, what you eat and drink and of course your emotions. 

Emotional factors can have a massive impact on the frequency and severity of migraines. A common pattern that many of my clients experience is having a migraine hit just after a period of stress has ended. Say you have a work deadline for the end of the workdayon Friday and then the migraine starts on Friday night. In this type of case changes to lifestyle can make a big difference. If you can find ways to bring more relaxation and exercise into your life then you won’t be so subject to those periods of intense stress that then can lead to blinding migraines once the stress crisis has passed.

Lots of my clients develop ways to monitor their level of stress accumulation and when the stress does start to build they are aware of it and have ways to get rid of it without the necessity of enduring a headache or migraine.

By Stephen Clendinnen

Stephen has been practicing Traditional Chineses Medicine for over twenty years. He can offer each of you an individual response to your particular problems and a way to lift your well being to a higher level. To book an appointment, please contact our team on 03 9431 3950