Naturopathy is a comprehensive and holistic approach to wellness. A Naturopath will seek to discover the underlying cause of an illness and can often assist where allopathic and traditional medicine approaches have failed.

The Naturopathic approach to health and wellness is also a lifestyle choice for many people seeking to empower themselves by taking control of their health plan and being active in their own healing. Naturopathy can treat many diseases, ailments, symptoms and illnesses without the use of chemical drugs and pharmaceutical solutions. Instead, a naturopath will prescribe herbal medicines, nutritional medicine, diet therapy, exercise programs, ower essences, homoeopathy and vitamin / mineral therapy to restore and strengthen the body’s natural healing capacity.

Naturopathy is also a fantastic way to prevent illness and develop lifelong habits that are good for your health. A Naturopathic consultation will include an in-depth analysis of past and present illness, lifestyle and nutrition habits, family and environmental history, in order to gain an understanding of each individual’s circumstance.

When you choose a naturopathic approach you can be assured that you will receive a systematic and thorough investigation into your health issues through meticulous case history surveys, testing and research that culminates in a comprehensive program to address your health concerns.

The format for this approach ensures that we have gathered all the necessary information to provide appropriate advice on diet, nutrition and exercise, as well as develop plans for lifestyle and appropriate prescriptions.

Diagnostic tools including hair analysis, Live blood analysis, food allergy testing, blood and urine tests, iridology, and kinesiology may also be utilised to determine the best course of treatment.


Initial 60mins - $120
Return 30mins - $75
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When you really want to understand your health and take positive steps toward improving your wellbeing, it’s important to feel con dent that your practitioner is treating you with the most e ective methods and that your treatment is providing you with the best results.

This is why we provide a comprehensive approach to assessing and monitoring your health. We conduct a thorough investigation utilising information gained from a comprehensive history taking session as well as the results from a range of tests and diagnostic tools available to assess and monitor your health.

In most cases, your initial consultation with the naturopath will include a separate appointment speci cally for a thorough diagnostic assessment. The diagnostic consultation typically includes iridology, blood pressure, tongue and nail analysis, and may include more speci c tests for blood glucose levels, pH balance, zinc levels, cell health, live blood analysis and intestinal permeability / toxicity.

We also want to empower you by giving you the opportunity to take your health in your own hands. Have you ever wondered how your current treatment is progressing? Would you like to be certain that the right health issues are getting the appropriate treatment priority? Or would you just like to have your general health assessed scienti cally and thoroughly?

    Diagnostic testing and assessment is useful to:
  • Provide practitioners with valuable information that can be used to reine treatment strategies and get better results
  • Provide you with independent evidence about your health status and areas you need to work on to improve your health
  • Provide a target against which progress can be measured

    Some examples of Functional Tests available for assessing your health:
  • Bio Impedence Testing (VLA)
  • Blood Glucose Test
  • Cholesterol Test
  • Candida Blood Test
  • Celiac Blood Test
  • Food Sensitivity testing 96 foods / 200 foods / Childrens testing- Free Radical test (oxidants)
  • Helicobacter pylori Test (ulcer)- Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Iridology
  • Urinalysis
  • Intestinal Permeability / Bowel Toxicity
  • Mineral Absorption Analysis
  • Live Blood Analysis
  • Complete Stool Analysis
  • Cardiovascular Profile- Hormonal Tests (7 Hormones)
  • Inflammation Profile
  • Intestinal Permeability (Leaky Gut)
  • Liver Detoxifi cation Function Test
  • Thyroid Function Test